So I ran into this girl I know and now not sure about things? feel like I should make a move?

i meet her a couple of years ago at the local bar but at time she was a bit young so i didn't really go after her at the time even though she is pretty good looking. now she is a bit older and almost done college. and i ran into her today but it was sort of embarrasing encounter , i recently was laid off and went to this job fair , i didn't expect to see her there as i though she was at college but she's back here doing a job placement. at first it was kinda awkward and she tried to pretend not to know me than she opened up and talked to me a bit. i've always felt she was interested in me based on way she's acted around me over the years,

i don't have a lot of ways to contact her but still follow her on twitter although i haven't replied to her posts for a while. she also broke up with her boyfriend the guy she started to date after we first meet and i felt was sort of a rebound from me. so she is back home single and bored out of her mind accoridng to her posts , she just like goes to work and the gym. i almost feel obligated to at least try and date her or be friends with her but i don't know how to proceed


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  • Message her and just say, "Hey, it was great to see you again. Maybe we can catch up over a drink or cup of coffee?"

    • her profile also said she had been to gym a lot but I've never seen her at my gym so she must go to the other one or I'd ask her to work out together maybe. also forgot to mention my previous tweets to her had mostly just annoyed her although they did get her attention and brought her back out to bar after she had been away for a bit

    • Well, if you were annoying her, it may take some time to fix that. Message her, keep it simple and polite.

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