How to tell if someone likes you?

Ok, so I like this guy a lot and we've been friends for 2 years, we always talk in the morning and people kept on saying "oooooo, you like each other!" And i said yah, i like him but he doesn't. When i looked at him he was blushing, his face was so red! And then i asked him if he wanted me to stop liking him and he just said "I don't know, I haven't decided yet..." And I was like " Its simple YES or NO?" But then he just went away. Then at my language arts class, I sat next to him and I kept staring at his paper when he was writing. Then he was like "I can't focus. Why are you here when you're supposed to be at yout seat? I said well, everyones doing it so whatever. Then I kept staring at his face while grinning and he was like stop it!" And he blushed really hard on his whole face. My friend said, do you like him because you're staring at him with a smile. And then my guy friend blushed so hard and said Isn't it obvious?" It was sooo funny seeing his reactions... Well answer this, does he like me? Thanks so much guys!!😋

  • He likes you but does not admit it.
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  • he likes you and doesn't know what to do about it now he knows you like him too :)

    • Well, I asked him one time if he likes someone and then he said "not now, but maybe in high school."

    • nahh he's a shy one, he'll open up eventually ;)