Messed uppp BIG TIME! How do I fix this up?

So I like this guy friend of mine, and I have a feeling that he likes me as well. He is closer to me than any of his girl friends, maintains a lot of physical contact, and never resists if our other friends tease us. However, this one other guy friend of mine went up to him and asked him what was going on between us. They both dislike each other and due to this, the guy I like said that he doesn't see me more than a friend. I also told that guy friend that I don't like him and we are just friends. Earlier, he used to text me everyday and make an effort to see me and talk to me. However, after this incident he has backed off so is it that he doesn' t like me or he has backed off because I said we're just friends? Also, how do I confess my feelings to him now?


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  • He probably backed off because that guy that approached him pissed him off. And maybe it could had been to because you said you and him were just friend's. I hope that other guy didn't say stuff to sabatoge your friendship with your friend. It's obvious he is mad at you since the routine changed. And he is acting weird and funny. Try to talk to him face to face and apologize.

    • Thank you so much for your advice! Means a lot :)
      However, I don't know if he likes me for sure or not so I'm scared to talk to him face-to-face about this. Also, is this the right time to talk to him or should I wait for the dust to settle?

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. And your very welcome. I think you should wait until the dust settles. True he may not like you and he might. Yes talking to him face to face will be scary and nerve wrecking. You could always text it to him.

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