How do I tell my guy friend I like him as more than a friend?

I really like my friend. We get along really well. We joke around a lot and stuff. People think we are dating or will date. My friends think we would be cute together. I'm the only girl he talks to. How do i tell my friend i like him? When should i tell him? We have to work on a group project together next week, should i wait till we finish the group project and then tell him or should i tell him before that?


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  • It doesn't have to be this great moment, just find a time where you can talk to only him and be like "hey, I think you're a cool guy and I really like you a lot" or whatever. Maybe do it at the end of whatever you're doing though just in case he feels awkward about it. If you've decided on telling him, why wait? Just go for it.

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