Does he like me or not?

So I just met this guy on a dating app a week ago we started texting and he asked me to hang out next week to meet for the first time but instead of going next week he asked me to hang out on Valentines Day he said it was a date but wasn't sure about being each other's Valentine which was weird we hung out and he was extremely shy but starting to warm up with time we hung out for a while and we did some stuff the most he did was kiss my boobs and dry hump me he admired my chest like a lot which was weird for me anyways it went well and he didn't text me when he after he dropped me off the next day he didn't text me so I decided to text him the conversation went normally and we talked until he fell asleep he text me the next day to talk about if everything was ok with me about my issue with my parents whatever I text him today and keep taking long to reply he hasn't asked me to hang out I don't know if I should just stop talking to him and let it go or keep talking to him what do you guys think?


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  • Talk to him if you want to. If he is boring or bores you then don't talk to him. He is shy and might be inexperienced with dating. I guess if you keep talking to him he might ask you out on another date.


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