Bad date how to handle?

I couldn't cancel and end up going to a dinner date without getting dressed and no make up. I was a mess and dinner was cancelled. We just walked in the park and sit and talked. He was dressed up and clearly not impressed by me. He didn't call. How can I fix this.


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  • Did you explain the situation to him?
    Was this a first date?

    I think if he can't understand that sometimes things come up that can't be avoided, and isn't attracted to you without makeup and being all dressed up, it might be a sign that it's not the right relationship for starters...

    But you could always offer him a do-over, let him know you felt bad that the first try was a bit of a flop, and that if he's interested in trying the date again that you will make sure things go better, the offer is on the table...

    He may take it or he may not, but if he doesn't, it probably means it wouldn't have worked out in the long run anyway...


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  • It sounds like he wasn't interested enough. If he wasn't impressed how you look and didn't call because he was being a snob then its not worth it. dont try to fix what he messed up. it wasn't your fault. you dont always have to look perfect. he's clearly not interested enough so dont waste your time on him.

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