Im in a really tough situation advice needed?

Right so i was talking to my friend named bella and i have known she has like me for a while and i do have feelings for her and the conversation suddenly changed and i kind of said to her, i think i have a crush on you and of course she said it back. But she has a girlfriend that i know she is planning on breaking up with even before she knew i liked her. The other thing is that my girlfriend broke up with me just over a week ago, these are high school relationships so its not that big of a deal. I said to bella that before we rushed into anything maybe its best for me to wait until the 6th of march so a month after my previous girlfriend broke up with me and she's totally okay with it but there are a few things i need to consider.

First thing is with my previous girlfriend that i just got broken up with and i wouldn't want to use bella and make bella my rebound because that would be cruel and i wouldn't want to hurt her that way or get into a relationship because of pure loneliness.

Second thing is that it would be my 3rd relationship this school year and were only just half way through the year and it would be my second relationship out of the 3 with a person in the year below so i wouldn't want to get a reputation as a slut or to be going out with people younger than me, but the thing is the details about these relationships. First relationship was a guy in the year below me but he broke up with me after 2 days for no reason other than wanting to be friends so it wasn't really that serious, Second was this recent girl who i like for months on end and i was willing to go to hell and back for her but that lasted a month and apparently she never really felt the same way. So technically thats only 1 serious relationship this year.

Third thing is that if we end up going out for a while and break up it would be complicated because of our mutual friends.

I am going to wait until march anyway to do anything but do you reckon i should just not even consider it?


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  • Never hurts to take things slow.


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