Guys, What would stop you to not approach a really pretty girl at school?

I'm tired of being single it kills me seeing couples at school happy and stuff. I'm 16, a sophomore who's never been asked out by a guy. I'm really pretty, guys look at me when I catch them they look away really fast but don't ever approach me. I just really want a boyfriend. It just feels like I'm going to be forever single , no guy approaches me. I don't wear makeup accept Mascara every morning to school and light pink lipstick. One guy told me I have a b***** face look. I'm 5'3 and 115lb. I'm always myself in school like I wouldn't be scared to speak up I used to be speechless when someone asked me something or told me something. I'm German but that doesn't matter. These cute guys would hit on me leaving me thinking they like me but they hit on every girl at school. not going to lie but people have told me I have a mean glare but when they talk to or get to know me I'm actually pretty sweet and nice. Maybe guys are scared of my glare , perhaps I have staring problems. Maybe just tell me what I have to do or show body language that I'm approachable not mean please.


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  • Perhaps you dont smile enough or have an intimidating glare as you said. Try to have a more friendly and also body language is important too. To look more approachable you need to have a more relaxed stance and not so stiff. Also crossing arms can be a sign that you are closed off. Open up your body language so you appear more open and friendly.

    Also eye contact can be very important. If guys stare at how pretty you are and then never approach. Its because theyre afraid of being rejected and you have to signal to them somehow that you like them and want them to approach you. So if they are looking at you just look back at them and try to hold eye contact and have a smile. That way it gives them a signal that maybe they have a chance with you and are more likely to approach you. You could be the prettiest girl but no guy will approach you if you dont give them some sort of sign that shows you are open to them. This is also leads on to flirting. You should try flirting too.

    • Thanks I'll keep that in mind.

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  • It is most likely that the guys are too shy to. Try going over and talking to them. Get the ball rolling but make them ask you out in the end.

    • I do seem shy talking to guys I don't know. I'll try talking to them first. Thanks

    • Your welcome just remember both you and the guys are young and they don't teach you about dating so expect a lot of mistakes on both your parts. Neither you nor them have any clue how to do this so if a date gets messed up wait and see how the next one goes.

  • Her boyfriend

  • Do you happen to have older brothers

    • No just two younger twins brothers.

    • Go ask one of the guys that is single out then

    • Like asking them out first?😁

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