Is this normal? Help?

A picture perfect couple, both in uniformed and respectable positions. He's a soldier and I'm a pilot in training. At first, I think he is really sweet. But after a while, I realized:
1. He always initiates texting and panics when I don't respond in an hour or two. I don't even get 1 day of space to study or anything. Prone to double and even triple texting when I don't reply.
2. Panics when I don't get flirty or give him the same amount of attention.
3. Sends me a lot of 😍, ❤ or 😘
4. Flirts a lot.
5. Says he loves hearing my voice. He says he can listen to me all day.
6. He says he wants a relationship so I proposed to him. He said he was REAL happy that I proposed to him so we are now boyfriend and girlfriend.
7. Says I am the most perfect, amazing, smartest and prettiest girl he had ever met. He also says I am special.
8. He says if I suddenly disappeared forever he'd be crazy for quite a while and be very upset. Says he'll never get over me. He also says he thinks about me all day at work and can't wait to finish work to talk to me.

I am getting smothered by all this attention. I am not flying as well as I hoped because he occupies all my attention and says he can't sleep. Are all military men this clingy? And how come he doesn't need to work :/?

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  • Maybe at beginning of relationships, and maybe sometimes peoples first love kinda thing, But shouldn't be long term, since it would get boring and doing all that can kinda consume lots of time and energy.

    You can always tell him that you need some of your own personal time in a way that he understands, or you can just send him voice mails and only reply when you have time and not busy.

    As for are all military men that clingy, some are some not so much since when you go to war you don't know if your ever going to come back so might be because of that, that they want to spend some time with you.

    How you should act maybe just be yourself. I honestly wouldn't really like clingy people but some people do.


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  • It's not normal. He's smothering you and it needs to stop. He's going overboard. Talk to him and let him know how you feel. It's not good for either one of you to continue this way. You need some breathing room, so tell him that.

    It's possible this is just an initial strong infatuation that may diminish with time. But I suspect he's just an over clingy type and it will continue.

    • Well honestly, I hope he won't fade out from me. Due to the nature of our work, we can't see each other as much. Do you think he will continue being clingy all the time?

      And is this too mean? "Don't you have to work? "

    • I suspect he will continue being clingy, but i could be wrong.

      I would not use hints by saying "Don't you have to work? ". That might go right over his head. I would talk to him directly about it. Everyone needs some space, some more than others. It's an important part of any relationship to know the other person and know how much space they need.

  • Is that guy needy or what. Total turn off isn't it?

    • Doesn't he need to work? Are all military guys that clingy?

    • I don't know. I guess he doesn't have much time to hangout with girls so when he has one he gets clingy.

    • He does. He says most of them are trailer park trash and ugly girls. I don't know if he is genuine. If he thinks I'm really that special and hence he gives me so much attention, then I will accept his clinginess and think that he is sweet.

  • He's sweet and clingy but in a stupid way. A normal person would call you, not act like he does.

    • If I start ignoring him, he may lose interest in me. Yet, if I give him too much attention, it will bore him and think I am too accommodating, right?

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