She just being nice or?

She just being nice or? So I have been talking with this girl for a while. We go to the same college, have two classes together, and have the same friend circle. She flirts with me, I flirt back. The other weekend she slept on a couch with me after our fiends and us went out. Yesturday she asked if I want to go to lunch with her but I was working at the time so I couldn't. I told her I would but I was working. She does have this thing for one of our friends they sleep together but are not dating. She is graduating this year and he is a freshmen. I don't understand that part. Last night we had a party and I was playing music off my phone and she was trying to take my phone from my pockets. I feel like she could be interesed but also not and just being friendly. She was mostly sober the whole party too compared to everyone else around her. I sent her a snapchat of her taking a selfie and I said do you take a lot of selfies? Her response was you love my selfies. I didn't reply after that. I would like to get to know her more and take her out. Would it be wrong of me to ask her out?


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  • Doesn't sound serious to me


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