I asked him out, he was busy, how to approach the situation?

So a guy and I went out on 2dates, I asked him on for a 3rd date... initially he said yes, then something came up and he couldn't make it but has continued to text. I forgot to text back one day but took it as an opportunity to see if he would text and actually see if he was interested in me. Four days later he did and said he was waiting for a text then we talked good and he seems busy but manages to text me paragraphs when he can. He then asked when I would ask him out again, I told him I prefer him asking since last time he was busy, he insisted on me asking him and I insisted that he ask since he is a bit more busy, he agreed.

Almost two weeks have passed and he texts me about everything, relatives, work, interests and what he is up to and is always asking about how I'm doing, family... etc.

i like him him and he seems like a great catch but I don't know what to do... he may be busy but I know anybody can make time for a coffee or something so why is he trying to make me ask him out.

Does he seem interested? What should I do? Any advice?


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