My boyfriend, does he love me or what?

Okay , so here's my story

there's this guy (Allan) . he was my best friend before, but everyone thought that we were having a relationship, and many thought we were dating. We called each other every night and to cut the story short , Allan and I decided to skip school and our parents found out and so do our teachers , my parents hated him since then, we were called to the principal's office and then he just shut me up.

He lost his contact with me, as if nothing happened.
He moved to another school , and we never talked ever since, but I am still asking my friends from his new school about him and so on

We accidentally met , and i texted him ( i still have his phone number after 3 years) and he asked who was I , so I told him my name and he insisted to meet me.

To cut things up, well we watched a movie the next day , and he looked at me and told me that he misses me a hella lot , and we are dating now.

I too, found out that he is a bad boy now , and he have a lot of problems but he doesn't wanna share.

He replied shortly to me, but when i started to sulk , he would console me.

I once accused him for going out with anoyher girl, and when he replied, i just ignored him and he sent a photo of his surrounding. He sang to me.

But we always fight over little things now, and he doesn't want to break up. But he will just reply my texts short and stuffs.

The thing is, when we see each other, we will be fun like before, even when we are on the phone. But when we are chatting , its different. Does he like me? Yes or no? He admitted saying that he loved me since three years ago, and he even remember every details that happened 3 years ago.

He even remembers how we first talk. How we started to hang out.

I don't know. i have been patient, but slowly im losing faith. like seriously


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  • love is fake


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