I feel like I have done everything I can do to meet guys, but I can't seem to have any luck?

is there anything i can do to increase my chances of meeting someone?

I joined a volunteer group, no interesting guys there. I was on dating apps for months, bur right now im only on one. still nothing. And there is no interesting guys in any of my courses, and untill now i haven't met any interesting guys at work either.

I joined a sports team too, i go to the gym regulary.. Im not shy, maybe not the mot putgoing person, but deff not shy.

so is there anything else i can do to meet guys?


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  • There are many, many different volunteer groups. Look at others. There are also spiritual/religious groups... if you're into that. There are art classes and other activities to get involved in. You can also ask and talk to your friends for suggestions.

    • i know there is different things to attend, but im a student and i dont have time to work, study, play sports, work at a volunteer group and go to the gym AND do a lot of other stuff,

    • Thanks!

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  • The more that you are looking for the more it's never to come. Try to chill and set aside all anyicipations to find a guy. It will find a way to unexpected time day or situation. Trust me.

    Girls are like fancy car/sports car. Let the buyer look for you. Not the car will look to buy them 😘❤️🤘🏻

    • sorry, i dont by that.. I did that for years, still a virgin and still never have had a boyfriend

    • Hahahahah 👌🏻 your still young i think dont rush 25-35 normally tru loves comes. We are at the same boat but im enjoying it right now. Have a good luck 😘

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  • It's really rare for girls to say that they can't meet guys. it's usually the other way round, that is, guys not able to meet girls.

    So you mean to say, you are not able to meet guys at all, or just not getting the types of guys you prefer?

    • i meet guys all the time, just not guys im attracted to.. last time i had anything with any guy was in October

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    • maybe.. any advice though?

    • Yeah, just keep meeting guys, and you may eventually find one you 'click' with. Or try dating sites which match you with others based on preferences, such as Okcupid or ehamony. As a last resort, consider dating outside your locality.

  • Is it that you can't find guys who are attractive/interesting?


    You can find guys who are attractive/interesting but they dont ask you out?

    • Both. I rarely meet a guy Who im really attracted to

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    • There is never an official ending, we Just stop taking contact with eachother. And Im working on my self esteem, Im actually going to the psycholist soon and hope it helps

    • oh...

      A psychologist will probably be able to help more than I can.

      Good luck

  • Stop looking, it seems to help personal psychological hygiene, improving characteristics like patience and developing things like personality, hobbies, and interests.

    • im going to try, but whenever i see a cute guy dating comes to my mind.. i have tried it before, and it doesn't work unless im constantly doing something else

    • Same here, its tough but to meet a compatible mate you have to find out who you are without seeking validation from a bf/gf.

    • Constantly do 'something else' I guess. The right guy will come along especially when he is into the same things you are, a seminar, an archery range, or just living your life going to your niches and through your routines whatever it may be... that is when you should go up and just start flirting, because then you can already assume some common ground.

  • Follow me on here. I'll be your hitch, I'd you'll be my king of Queens guy... lol

  • If i would see your pic i could comment.

    • what does my pic have to do with me not meeting any guys im interested in?

  • It is that anonymous button Asker.
    You. Have. To. Stop. Pressing. It.

    • Because?

    • Because it is a two-dimensional joke.

      The first part is saying that you OBVIOUSLY need to try Gag.
      The second part is saying that you need to leave your comfort zone and actually give someone a chance. That doesn't mean going all the way, but a date or two won't hurt.
      A lot of people become very interesting once they get to chance to show it at their own pace.

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