In love, but weary and confused I need help, do I continue this romeo Juliet journey?

I am so in love with this girl. we connect in every dynamic. we have the same faith, political outlook, hobbys, she's beautiful and is so loving to me. she needs attention because she didn't get enough love as a child. i love her. she openly has a lust problem but not a sexual one. she seeks attention from others, even who she doesn't have feelings for. she gives me all HER attention. however... she dated a guy for a year, broke it off because she wasn't in love with him. they are still friends. i am not remotly threatened by him, there's been times when he drops her off to me. quite frankly i feel bad for the guy.

after she broke up with him she dated a guy last summer and broke it off because his financial situation was awful and after she brought it up to him, he wiged out and yelled at her sayiong to never talk again. she also mentioned he had the emotional maturity of a 15 year old. she said she was over it but the fact that she let her guard down really burned. thery dated for 2 months and she told me she really liked him...

she told me the other night he text her saying he was getting married, and she then said she was thinking "i bet your fiance doesn't apopreciate that" he was just kidding and she said thats exactly what she ment by the emotional 15 year old. i never got out of her what the end of the conversatioon was like.

i dont like the idea that she is with me but entertaining her ex as a friend and now this 15 year old also. she has a way of shuting people out because she's so soft on the inside and armor on the outside, she will lock her feelings and throw the key away. if i push her away to demand some respect, she may never return.

i met her last December, 3 months ago or so. she has tried to run from her feelings but always comes back to me. im nuts about her. im 28 and I've had many girlfriends. i dont know why i am tolerating this, but sometimes i feel like i am taking too much. being that she locks he

  • leave her, suffer through it and ignore my feelings for her and get over her (i may never, she's a true GEM)
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  • deal with the annoying nonsense, it will go away. we have talked about marriage and future goals
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