Do I have feelings for him or just an attraction?

Right there's this guy in my class from university, that I really fancy from the beginning and I have been talking to him a few times, i added him on FB and he is exactly my type and very nice. The problem is every time I see him walking past me, sitting next to me or looking at me I get extremely nervous and anxious about it and sometimes my hands are even shaking. I asked my friend to add him on FB and to message him and when he was replaying to her i got really jealous and felt really sad because he was flirting with her even though I know she doesn't like him and was only doing him a favour... Then out of nowhere, i didn't see him for long time but I had a terrible nightmare about him hugging and kissing my friend and me sitting at the back and watching them and I felt really really hurt, I was dying to wake up and end this nightmare and when I woke up I felt pain... took a couple of hours to get over it and distract myself with other stuff... Then, recently I saw that he liked one girl's photos from my class and again i felt the same anxiety and sadness... I got angry because he never liked my photos and he is just being friendly towards me... I am feeling so ridiculous because I have a crush on someone, who clearly wants to be just friends and because I dont undderstand how can such an attraction provoke such strong feelings out of me, when I dont even know the guy? I dont understand am I just attracted to him or there is more to it, like feelings? I am really afraid that he might try to get with some other girls from my class and it will hurt me, how do i get over it without feeling any pain?


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  • Just go there and ask him out or try safe approach message him and initiate a conversation and then slowly shift it towards you want it to be but don't rush and do it fast before you can kill one of your classmates.

    • I already messaged him before and asked him if he wants to go out with me and some friends from our class and he was interested and said he would like to. But I am afraid of rejection, so i would rather not humiliate myself and just forget him but i am really struggling to... Don't know what it is...

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    • I have kind of quality which others also usually notify"I can control my emotions" I mean if I am that in to girl I will close my eyes and open it and then She is gone except one on whom I have not tried my G. f I mean ask him or just force it and push him out imagine him like picture and you just break and after that believe you have forget him otherwise there i nothing you could do. Its simple if he says No forget him like I tell you by the my two exes say
      "I have no heart"

    • Well for me its not the same because if he rejects me then i will remember it for life and i would rather not approach him i made so many obvious things to let him that i like him: i added him on FB, i messaged him on there couple of times, invited him out for drinks with friends from uni and he is not making the first step... I want to leave it and just forget him and get over it, i just dont understand why it hurts so much when i dont even know the guy

  • Attraction and starting of feelings


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