Movie date, whats the go?

I met this girl on tinder and she's really cute, i haven't done a whole lot of casual dating but i actually like this girl so far.

She suggested we see a movie during the week and im just wondering what to do? i know everything will be fine before and after the movie but i haven't actually been on a movie date before how should i act


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  • Like you normally do, she suggested then I am pretty sure it will be romantic one so hold hand when necessary but I don't mean act like a creepy bastard behave and you will be good to go.

    • I know this is stupid but i'm not sure how to act during the movie, should i make comments occasionally?

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    • Yeah and don't try to kiss when you She is not ready its embarrassing if She put you down in the front of whole crowd.

    • Cheers man i will give you mho when it allows me too :)