Is he into me?

okay. so I thought the first date went really well. we both had a lot of similar interests and I thought we had a good connection. throughout the night he kept finding things that the two of us should do together. by the end of the night we had a pretty good list of things we would have fun doing on future dates. he even said to me, "you realize we have a pretty good amount of future dates planned, are you okay with that?"

our date was Saturday. it is now Thursday and I have yet to hear from him. was it all just talk or what? is he into me or not?


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  • I don't blame you for wondering. Personally by Thursday he should have been asking you out for this weekend. This is not a good sign.

    I don't care what sweet words are exchanged on a first date, it matters more what he thinks the next day after he has had time to sleep on it. So, until he does call, you really are not going to know where things stand. Even if he does, do not accept a last minute date, like a call on Saturday to hang out that night. Not good. A guy who is in to you will call in advance for fear you will not be available. A guy who is running game will say the stuff he did on the first date and then call last minute for the next get together.


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  • I'd say that he is really into you... if he didn't like you he wouldn't of said that he was anxious for future dates. If he wasn't into you he most likely would have said "I'll call ya" and that's not a good sign.

    • That is what I thought too. why would he bother to talk about future things we could do if he had no interest in me. I texted him the other night and have not heard back from him you still think the same thing?

    • If he isn't responding to your texts then he might not be for you :( even if a phone was broken or lost he would have found a way to contact you and stay in touch. If you stay away from your phone and not text him for a week or so he will text/call you. Guys like to be chased and when he sees you're not trying to get ahold of him it's gonna bother him and that's when he contacts you first.

    • Yea. I figured I'm done at this point. if I hear from him, great. if not, no big deal.

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