It it just too late for me?

So here is my self evaluation. I am 23 and curvy. I could stand to lose a little weight but really who couldn't. I haven't been on a date since I was 20-21ish, never had a relationship. My friends say I'm a good person and I try to be.

The thing is that for all my qualities good and bad no one is attracted to me. Even when others dress me up to be pretty or I am myself I get ignored.

Is it just something about me that people can tell I am undatable? Did I miss my chance to gain the experience of relationships? Am I too old now to be so inexperienced? Am I just terminally undesirable?


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  • Lady, I don't believe you miss your chance. In fact, I do believe in hope - I myself did not have a girl from age 1 to 17. That's 17 years of singlehood, I know how you feel. I felt depressed that I'm hanging out with my buddies, feeling good cos I looked good, but hmm. nobody's attracted.

    i felt really upset, I grew envious of people who were attached.

    But I keep on going, and there's one thing I realised I been doing wrong.

    I WAITED FOR PEOPLE TO TALK TO ME, and I betted on my looks.

    It's only when I'm 18 when I start being a lot more open and assertive, doing what's right and getting all courage to talk to people.

    Im now attached to a girl who I truly loved and thankful for. And these people here @girlsaskguys are fabulous! I gathered my courage and just go with it. it paid off.

    I'm putting effort into this because my life has improved a lot, and I wish to help you because people here have done the same to me.


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  • It not about being noticed for your looks, it about getting your personality out there and getting to know people you like.

    Theres a load of ways nowdays to meet new people.. plentyoffish is one of the most popular sites going, the majority of my single mates are on there.

    You are 23, you are still really young and have got plenty of time to meet new people x

  • Your still young at 23 so you have nothing to worry about. Try being more outgoing