Is it cheating?

So my boyfriend and I've been dating for a year and I love him more than anything and I know he loves me too but yesterday night at my friends party I saw him talking to a girl. They were laughing and touching each others shoulder and they seemed like they were flirting but I really dont know. I haven't talked to him since then and he texted me this morning but I dont know how to react. What I really wanna do is not to talk to him for a while cause I feel betrayed but what if Im overreacting? Any advices or thoughts?


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  • A shoulder touch can be flirty, yes. But it can also sometimes happen just naturally if you are laughing and such, so I would be careful here. I don't think you can accuse him of 'flirting' directly, that's pretty easy for him to deny.

    I think you are right to feel a bit put out, but I don't think this is something you can actually get mad at him for. He has the right to talk to girls, to enjoy their company. As long as it doesn't move beyond being friendly, it's fair. So you reacting strongly to this could piss him off, and make him feel like you are being too clingy or too panicked or something. It will provoke a negative reaction in him. It won't help in any way.

    It most definitely wasn't a betrayal, that would definitely be an overreaction. However, it IS justified for you to feel a bit sad. You want to be the one he is laughing with and having a good time with. It is, basically, a twinge of jealousy that you're feeling.

    You will want to keep those feelings in check, to make sure you let him have his own life, but also be aware of them. Understand what it is that is making you feel that way, so that you can work on addressing the root causes of it. I mean, that's if you care about long-term stability.


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  • Talk to him