I was able to finally get over someone but I still want them the same way I did before?

I don't understand this at all so I guess I am just wondering if this is fairly normal. This guy I have known and been extremely close with for 7 years was always the man that I wanted to be with but circumstances and bad timing always prevented it from taking it to the next level. About a month ago he came to me and I found out he was hooking up with someone else.. I was devastated; to say the least. However, since then it seems like someone has flipped a switch in my mind. Within the last two weeks I have stopped caring who he is hooking up with. I have stopped caring if he ignores my messages. I have stopped caring about his hot and then cold attitude. I also have realized that he is not the man I want to be with because who we are as people are on completely different levels within our lives and I just don't see it working out, period. Surprisingly it doesn't bother me like it would have a month ago. However, I still want him sexually and I still have the desire to be around him and impress him? This is what I do not understand? Is this normal? I mean, I have tried to pursue him for the years I have known him and got no where and now all the sudden I just simply do not care to be with him at all relationship wise but still care about him deeply?


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  • itz jzt bcoz u loved him truly... even i had a breakup.. I'll never forget in my lyf... still i love her so much... but that doesn't mean she should love me back.. she have a lover now... and still im in the heart break.. can't even move on.. how much i try, i cant!!


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