Persuing this girl for 6 weeks with chat and still no date?

Here is the deal. I met a girl on some chatapp. She didn't have a profile picture at all and I texted her randomly and then there was an instant connection that for me was kind of hard to accept actually with all the dating troubles I have had in the past. So I wonder what she looks like and it turns out I find her attractive physically also.

After a while I want to have her number and ask her for a date, she says she doesn't want to because she is careful. I found out it had something to do with her ex who supposedly destroyed her life she says. So obviously she isn't over him yet. And then we keep on chatting every day, sometimes longer than an hour a day about anything, light things, deeper things, sometimes random jokes. I realize that she is the girl I really want but can't have (yet). We have a great connection, we both flirt, she responds enthusiastic when she can it's usually fast and I think that's great. I make sincere compliments to her about personal qualities she has and I say very sweet things to her, things that make her feel special and to me she is that.

Though sometimes I have some doubts and I say to her look if you're not interested or only are looking for attention please say so and I will leave you alone. I don't want to stalk or disturb you. She says she's interested so I think cool we will continue. I checked to see whether she is a catfish and test her and she is as real as it gets as far as I know. Now after 6 weeks I feel like it's getting nowhere, there is no way I can convince her to go out on a date or meet her. And that is frustrating to the point where I want to throw in the towel and just disappear forever. And I say that to her and then she says something to keep me motivated for a while. But you guessed it I lose motivation again and I want to give up yet still try again it's to the point it's almost depressing. I talk with other women but not one comes close to my heart. What to do?


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  • tell her how much it's bothering you and ask her if she actually likes you. If she says she does, then ask her why she won't go on a date.


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