He just got violent with me, don't know what to do?

I know I'm smart, but an idiot when it comes to men. I was dating my colleague even though I heard of everyone in town he's a player. Now, I am one who believes in the benefit of the doubt... First mistake. Everything was good, couldn't believe I finally met someone who treated me like the romantic memes on Facebook, something I never experienced before.. Was with him 5/6 times a week and we did everything together.. Right before nye i found out that the 1 or 2 days I went home, he had another girl over. I got mad, talked to her about it.. He got mad at me because I shouldn't have talked to her, as if it was all my fault? After a month we started dating again because it looked like he changed his way, I even aaked the girl if anything was going on and she said no. Now last week I found out they were still hooking up. We got into a fight again and I also sent her an angry text... Now he got mad at me because I shouldn't have talked to her like that.. He still doesn't understand I have the right to be pissed? So I just went over to his place to talk because we still have to work together.. One thing lead to another and he wanted to kick me out.. Because I didn't leave fast enough he grabbed me and hit me.. I kicked him to get him off of me and he punched me back and we wrestled.. I feel sick talking about it.. My arm hurts really bad now thought he was going to break it.. I'm at home now but sick to my stomach, have to still work with him... What do I do? Help me!!!


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  • Call the police.


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  • DUMP HIM FOR GOOD ! Girl. You are much more worth it than a man who hits women ! Also, you have the right to be mad and he gets mad at you for complaining, dude it was his damn mistake, you gave him a second chance and he did the same thing to you, he is playing with you like a toy and he know that he knows well you are going to forgive him always. Do you really want to waste your precious time this frustrated because he cheated and, he hits you? dont you think you deserve better than a jerk like that? He is playing you i hope you find the right answer, but don't let anyone disrespect you ever !

    • He dared to say my reactions aren't normal.. Just because I say what I think and don't hold it in when I know i'm right.. He wants a girl who crawls for him and that's just not me so he now said that he didn't want this but I didn't leave his house quickly enough so it's my own fault... As if it's justified then.. I left him and will never go back.. And even if I wanted to (which i don't) he doesn't want anything to do with me and wants to get into a serious relationship with the other girl.. This is just a mess, what have I gotten myself into 😩

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  • Call the police and press charges

    Go and be seen by a medical professional. You may have injuries you're unaware of

    Go to human resources and show them the police paperwork you have against him. You won't have to work with him for much longer when they fire his ass

    Stand up for yourself. You can't control his actions but u can control how u respond to it. Show him you're not the punk ass bitch he thought you were and make him pay.

  • Girl please get out! Its a cycle of violence, until eventually you end up severely hurt or dead. Leave him, if he cheats on you and cannot understand why you are getting mad, there is something wrong with him.

    Go to the police, and honestly press charges. No one should ever lay a hand on their significant other, man or women. That is domestic abuse and you need to get the law involved or things will continue to get worse. Please do not protect him or keep this to yourself!

    • I went to my boss right after who lives in the same street.. But since it was in his house and nobody was there I don't have any proof so nothing will happen right?

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    • No bruises.. Yet, have to check in the morning... Other than that I don't have proof I was there.. I mean only a text saying he didn't want this to happen but I didn't want to leave.. As if that's a way of justifying what happened

    • No matter what the reason, he had no right to lay a hand on you. I would have called the cops instantly. I do not know how it works in the states, but in Canada, if the cops are called due to domestics abuse calls, they have to press charges, regardless if either party wants to or not.

  • Violent? That's easy, stop talking to him. No contact at all
    Also, that's assault. You should talk to the police and your boss.

    • Thank you! No contact won't be a problem, already talked to my boss.. But still not sure about the police thing

    • He had no right to put his hands on you. I get you may feel you're overreacting or might be afraid to take this step but he shouldn't have touched you.