I like a guy from my work & he always look at me but never said anything. don't know why he looks at me? Does he like me? Or he just like My looking?

I don't know if he is in relationship or something? I know him for few months and never appearch me! I can't wait more:-( what should I do? How I know if he is single so I can start to talk to him? I don't know anyone at work know him so I don't know how I can find out?


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  • Say hi introduce yourself shake hands then go from there

    • He knows my name and I know his name but never talked! And you didn't answer my other question when looks at me all the time does it mean he likes me or just likes my looking but he might be in relationship so this why he didn't approach me?

    • He might think you're pretty. The only way you're going to know anything more about him is to talk to him

    • Thank you

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