Is it a good or bad idea to let some of my friends know that they have an attractive female friend using Tinder?

There are moments where some of the girls I see on Tinder are mutual friends with some people I know. So far, there are four attractive girls on Tinder that turned out to be mutual friends. All 4 have different mutual friends. I am not super close to any of them (anymore), but I know all 4 of them for a long time. I know one since 4th grade, 7th grade, 9th grade and 11th grade respectively. All 4 of them tend to be really chill, where I am not entirely uncomfortable telling them things.

I honestly have nothing to lose here. I just want to try any possible ways I can to meet girls, as long as the result won't be too catastrophic. At the same time, I do not want any of my friends think I am creepy in any way. Another question is, have you had similar experience where a friend tells you that he found an attractive girl on his Tinder accounts that you and him are mutual friends with? How did it turn out?

I am totally not expecting anyone to hook me up with a girl. I probably would just ask some basic things about her. I thought maybe if I just let them know, some good things might happen in the future.


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