Girls, Girls in the scale of 1-10 attractiveness, what's the lowest you would date looks wise?

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I'm a Girl
For me it's a 7 is the lowest is date, a girl who's very cute/slender/attractive face but not necessarily a model.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Not sure. Can't imagine dating someone I'm not attracted to

    • I'm just saying what's the lowest number on your attractive scale you'd be attracted too, for me the lowest is a seven-very cute but not necessarily a model etc.

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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know its cliche but its true. My 4 isn't going to be what you believe or 4 is

    • The only girls I consider date able tend to be the kind that most all guys agree are very attractive physically so maybe men more than women but I do think there is a general attractiveness.

  • Depends on how cool he is.

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