Just found out I've been dating my friend's ex for almost two years?

One of my really good friends went to study in Europe and we kinda lost touch for a while and haven't talked for 3years and now she's back and we've been hanging out and just catching up but then I introduced her to my boyfriend and it so happens that she and him had had a long 5 year relationship before that. I have no clue what to do I mean she didn't tell me to break up with him but I can tell she wants me to. On the other hand I mean this guy has been with me through so much he's even asked my dad to one day marry me but on the other hand they had such a long relationship probably feelings might come back since she's back just from the way she described their relationship before she went to Europe as intense. Should I leave him then?


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  • In my opinion, you shouldn't sacrifice the present for the past. You're saying that you haven't talked to your friend in 3 years. A lot can happen in 3 years. People can grow and people can change. Yes, your friend and your boyfriend had a long 5 year relationship, and it's normal to fear that the feelings might come back. However, your boyfriend has changed in the time that they have broken up and the time he's spent with you. Your friend also has changed in the time frame. Maybe, she's over him, but she hates the idea of you dating him creating the illusion that she wants him. If you're telling me that your boyfriend asked your father to marry you one day then it shows me that your relationship is pretty serious and that your boyfriend is committed to you. You don't owe your friend anything (specially since you did lose touch for 3 years), and I believe that sacrificing your and your boyfriend's happiness for your friend's happiness is ridiculous. Why would you think that your boyfriend would be happy to just abandon everything you two have to get back with his ex? Personally, I say that you should stay with your boyfriend and do what makes you happy. Your friend will meet someone else and you are in no way obligated to give up your happiness for other's sake.


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