What is going on with him? Does he really care?

Okay so I’ve been on and off for over year now with my ex…we are now ending our senior year in high school but we dated straight for a little over 8 months till he started getting scared of how close we were getting and backed out. We were the happiest ever…we spent every day we could together and texted each other literally non-stop and shared a lot of 1st together as well…back in November he said things were getting complicated and it just kinda ended, but after a few days he found out that some little freshmen that was his little sisters best friend had a thing for him and he asked her out right away, but I could tell right from the start that they were awkward around each other and that there was no chemistry. He texted me a few days after they started dating and just started small talk then told me that he missed me…I told him it’s simple end things with her and then we can try to work things out and he did and we were good again expect he didn’t want to ‘date’ again but just be together whatever that really means…..we were good for about 2 months then he got interested in another girl and started to drift away but then came back as well…this last month I thought we were seriously going to get back together as boyfriend and girlfriend, he was telling me how much he loved holding me and being with me and that he loved me and wanted to live together and get married later in life and I'm a hundred percent sure he was telling the truth because when I would look into his eyes I could see the love in them for me…but then we got into one stupid fight about something that I don’t even remember what was over and he stopped talking to me for a few weeks and went back to that freshmen that just likes it when guys pay attention to her, that’s her style, liking when guys want her…then one of my ex’s friends has said he’s interested in me and me and him have been talking for a few weeks now and now my ex found out and wants me back and is having dreams about us being married but he’s still talking to her, and just last night we got into another fight and he's ignored all my text and calls….i don’t know what is going on in his head and if he’s just scared of trusting someone with his heart and letting them in or if he just doesn’t care at all? Does anyone know what could be up and if it could just be commitment issues or something? I could really use some help and see if it's worth waiting it out and see if he comes around and wants to fix things or move on?


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  • ok.. well if it was me.. I think that him tellin you that stuff could be a way to keep you around so that you don't move on or don't leave him. but then again it could be that he really cares.. if you said that you think he really loves you.. then it could be commitment issues.. but if he really wanted to be with you like he tells you then I think that he would try to talk to you and try and work things out and MAKE it work so you guys could be together.. so I think that if it was me I would just end it beacuse pretty soon he might change his mind and not want to be with you.. and if you don't bakk out now then mabye you will fall in to deep with him and it could leave you seriously hurt in the end..

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