Girls, Would you ever date a really hairy guy?

If yes, then what about the sex appeal? Don't you think that the guy you are dating and planning a long term relationship needs to have sex appeal and his body should arouse you in some sense at the very least?


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  • I've never had a problem with hairy men. I've been with a very hairy man, but hair, back hair you name it, he had it. I found his body incredibly sexually appealing and never had an issue with kissing, touching etc any part of his body lol.

    • How is that possible to be OK and infact say you found it sexually appealing when the guy had such a really hairy body?
      I can't see the appeal, infact it looks so shabby and creepy, I have it all just like you describe.

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    • Am glad some of you normal people are ready to overlook and accept this flaw given other things work out well :) I don't know maybe if I was a girl I doubt I would have been cool with a really hairy guy, lol. I would have only dated naturally less hairy , less gross no stubble and nice :p
      And wow he was shirtless in public, I appreciate him for being so daring. All natural? Or trimmed it short and thinned it before exposing in resort?
      Neither he nor YOU were ashamed and embarrassed about those hairs? How?

    • Noo stubble is very attractive!
      Haha nope, he doesn't trim or groom body hair other than shaving. He forgot his stuff at home and his facial hair grew while we were there so he mentioned a couple times feeling like he looked "like a bum" but it's really just about confidence.
      I'm not obsessed with hairy men, it's not like I seek them out- if a man I like is hairy that's cool! If he's naturally a little less hairy, that's great too! Because it's not their body hair that tells me if he's going to treat me well, stay faithful, be fun and loving etc. It just tells me he has a hairy body.
      Most people are so hung up on their own insecurities that they hardly see what's going on with others. So why would he or I care if some stranger didn't like his hair when I'm waiting to get him alone to love on him?

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