He called me a bad woman because I got jealous?

The other day, a female celebrity that my boyfriend likes came on his news feed, and I personally dislike her because I don't like the image she promotes for girls, and I think she's very fake. Anyways, besides the point. So, my boyfriend saw a video of her and he's like "look haha, she's so awesome!" And so I kept my comments to myself, but then she appeared on mine and I said "ah, screw her". He asks who, I mention her name, and he says you're just jealous (not really, I just don't like her). Then he goes on to say "she's nice and so sweet! She's the perfect woman" I'm obviously getting annoyed, (ok maybe I am little jealous he likes her so much), he notices I'm jealous and continues to tease me. I say how that makes me feel bad, because he's basically mocking my jealousy and also her never calls me sweet like that (I am when I'm not jealous.) He tells me "you get offended by anything, I could say these flowers are beautiful and you'd get upset". I told him "it makes me feel like a bad woman when you talk about how she's the perfect woman". And he replied with "well when you act like that you are". And I just feel really badly about that, am I really a bad woman for being hurt and jealous by him saying she is the perfect woman? I said I dislike her and state my reasons and he says, "well you don't know her"... And he does? I just feel basically humiliated. I would never say stuff like that to him. And he already knows I'm insecure and told him I don't like when he talks about other girls like that (telling me how beautiful they are, nnice and kind, evt. Bc he never does that for me.) I feel like my womanhood was insulted :/


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  • You are jealous because your boyfriend is giving this celeb attention that you, in all honestly, should be getting from him. I do not blame you for being somewhat jealous about it.

    I'll be brutally honest: You are not dating a man. You are dating a boy. Your boyfriend hasn't even met this celeb but acts like he knows her every curve and insecurities. Celebs (and even us on our social media accounts) always portray a positive/spotless image, which is what attracts people. Your boyfriend is not seeing that she is only showing her positive attributes and hiding the negative ones away.

    If he truly loves you he would not compare you to another woman and call the celeb "the perfect woman". No person is perfect. Every one of us has imperfections.

    It seems like (judging from what you wrote alone) that he likes the celeb more than you. A real man would not make his woman feel low or imperfect. A real man makes his woman proud, takes care of her and shows her respect.

    Yes there will be ladies that are more beautiful, talented and better than you are, BUT THEY WILL NEVER BE YOU. The essence of YOU is something that cannot be replicated. Finding a man that loves YOU (not your body, your looks or anything, but rather the real you) is the ultimate goal. I am not sure that this guy loves you or not but only you will know that.

    As for advice, maybe you can talk to him about how you feel. But if you can see that he belittles you, or again insults your womanhood, I think it is better you call off the relationship. I don't know about you, but I would rather have a partner who respects ME and loves me for who I am than chase after celebrities that out off a false image of themselves.

    I hope this helps! Take care, and know your self worth :)


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  • You have to realize that this is all a fight over something really immature. He simply likes a female celebrity for whatever reasons and you don't. It literally sounds like 2 children fighting over a toy. He should have the freedom to like celebrities and you shouldn't have to make comments about it. He has his own likes and dislikes and so do you. That's normal and we all have differences. If you are going to be in healthy relationship then you'll have to learn to accept this and let him be.

    However and this is the part where I'll back you up and support you... he shouldn't NOT be complimenting you but complimenting others. If he isn't making you feel special and beautiful or gives you compliments the way he does to others then it is a perfectly valid reason to feel upset. I also don't think it's OK for guys to just openly declare how hot they thing another girl is in your presence. It's disrespectful and my boyfriend completely agrees with this so there are guys out there who won't do it.

    With all that said though, him simply saying someone is "awesome" shouldn't be enough to send you through the roof with anger and insecurity. But if he really tells other girls they are beautiful all the time and fails to do so for you then it is a issue.

  • God, this guy sounds like a freaking asshole.