Help me. Urgent. Really need advice with this girl?

So I met these two girls about 3-4 months ago. I really gained feelings for one of them, but have no clue if she has any feeling for me. I see them like 2-4 times a week, at the Rangers game in NY. I've bought them tickets to the game as well as the girl I like a hockey jersey! How do I proceed with this one girl I like but not make the other one feel bad. How do I figure out if she likes me back. Thanks


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  • Go for what you want! Don't worry about the other girl, talk to the one that you're interested in and tell her how you feel. She might feel the same, you never know unless if you talk


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  • Its not right to be flirting with multiple girls and having a backup encase a certain girl doesn't work out. If you like a girl, you focus on just her. You wouldn't want her flirting with other guys would you?

    You obviously like this one girl more than the other, so just don't flirt or initiate anything with the other girl. I don't think you'll make her feel bad by flirting with your crush. Just make it known you like her and this other girl will understand. Not to mention how do you know if this other girl even likes you? Don't worry about this other girl and focus on your crush.

    • I have no idea if she likes me back yet. Also, does its seem right if I give the one girl I like a gift and leave the other out to dry right in front of her. There's my trouble

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    • Yes... I have both their numbers and I did give her the jersey, but I also gave the other one something as well. I wanna start getting closer to the one I like and parting with the one who I don't. But they are always together

    • Well rather than asking in person since this other girl is always there, try texting your crush asking to go out and do something sometime