How to handle the first date for an inexperienced guy?

I'm 22 years old and going for first date tomorrow night. I'm going to pick her up, and go to one of the bars in town.

Is there anything I should know as being inexperienced as it comes to girls?

Oh also need to know, is the kiss given on the first date? Which situation make it happen?

All I'm asking for is that you provide me some details on how the first date should go so I'll be less anxious about it, and things could work in a better way.

She definitely has more experience than I do, but I'm not going to give up on her. I'm mainly afraid of giving the kiss, even I might do it wrong..

Hoping to get some of your help, thank you ! :)


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  • just look forward to having fun.

    thats all that should be said.

  • Be you and be fun , crack jokes seem cool dont let small things bother you, stare into her eyes with a warm smile, be a gentleman ( dont over do it though) buy her some food or drink, after the bar go somehwere and have a walk or talk somewhere just the two of you, sound like you're deep and be genuine dont lie to impress her, in fact dont try impressing her just be real and she will like that dont be a total dick thought.

    As for the kiss it just happens dont think much about it, if at some point when you're alone she leans forward and stares into your eyes kiss her... if she puts her mouth really close to yours in any way then kiss her, in my honest opinion a kiss on the second date works best, but if she truly wants it on the first she will let you know.

  • be yourself, be authentic, be a gentleman, be a good listener, and be a man. unapologetic and non needy. be self entertained but also with a genuine interest to share your having a good time with other people, without being a "pleaser" though. good luck.