Is she no longer interested in me?

I asked this before but got no response lol so I'm going to try this again.

I used to date this this girl back in hs and I ran into her 8 years later. I reached out and we started talking. I do most of the reaching out, I think she's only said something first once or twice and she usually just doesn't respond back after a while. In Jan. I asked if I could make dinner for her for vday, she said yes, I asked what she liked to eat but didn't get a response. She's been studying for an important test so she's been really busy. So I asked again a few weeks ago she said yes. So we finally had vday. I made dinner put rose petals on the bed, all that good stuff. We had sex for the first time and she kept getting dry, even after a few more tries. Was she not interested/attracted enough? Anyways I was kissing her forehead, playing in her hair, cuddling, talking etc. Eventually I dropped her off on Monday but we haven't talked since. Neither one of us has said anything to each other. Is she not interested? Was she not into the sex either?


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  • She prob doesn't like you like that. Some women know this and they will got to bed with a guy and try to fake it. I mean I get that she is busy with school and all that but come on, even when I am studying, I at least send lost of texts to my S. O. We may not be able to talk but I send a text for the first 3 mins in a day..


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