She comments on what ever he posts on facebook. Is she his girl friend?

I have a crush on a guy and i added him on face book in the month of November 2015. I have seen him talking to a girl in office many times.

I stalked his profile and for all the posts before November there are no comments from her side. Although she is friends with him on facebook even before me.

But right from November, she comments on all of his posts.

Is this a coincidence? Is she trying to give me a hint to stay away from him/ or show case that she is close to him? Is she his girl friend?

His Posts and her comments:

New profile picture , comment : :)
Happy new year status, comment : Happy new year!!
New profile picture, comment : super
Forward message to be cautios about fake acounts , comment : like symbol

Please help me! I am totally confused


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  • I think you might be reading too much into this. ;)


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