Trying to think of how to make contact with this girl?

i've known her for a while but friendship been pretty casual and mostly just seen her at bars around town. i've added her on twitter but don't really stay in touch with her much on there although she does post things regulary ,
i also saw her once this week in person , i had went to this event and she had been working at the table near front door and so i talked to her for a bit. somewhat awkward as she was at work and i didn't expect to see her there. i wanted to follow up on this with an attempt at getting through to her online but didn't want to come off as too desperate or that i had nothing better to do but follow every one of her posts online. i have got the feeling she was interested in me although we have yet to actually date since we've meet.
though about a short twt just sayng it was good to see you and hope or glad she's enjoying her new job


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  • use your words! Talk to her!

    • I don't have her # , that is only site I have her own , she's on a few other sites but don't have profiles on them

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    • I sent her a short tweet about 30 minutes ago and she didn't reply and instead blocked me , I don't get it , though I was being genuine and that she would enjoy hearing from me

    • I dunno because I am not her. The best you can do is move on!

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