How to get over some one?

I like someone but she doesn't want to see me again, I can't stop thinking about her. I am so tempted to tx her. but she will not like it. so what is the best way to move on? I am trying to meet people but this girl I really like


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  • Realize that if that girl doesn't want to see you again there is no sense in pining for that lost love. If you didn't do anything to deserve that treatment, tell her that and than say I am now going to delete your number as I don't see the sense of us staying in contact. Just like that.

    You just get over them gradually. It takes time. Don't contact her and eventually you'll start realizing certain things about the relationship that were bad what she couldn't give you but what you eventually want to find in a girl.

    • Ok I will do that, but it's how it like ended was unlucky because it was a miss understanding and because I was txing too much she got fed up with it. it was a very unfair way but that is life

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    • No just view it this way. She's now just wasting your time. Move on and realize you want something more... Trust me she isn't the only girl. You'll end up realizing other girls want what you want.

    • Ok I will thanks for your help

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