Where Does a Busy Person Find a Relationship?

I recently got out of a very emotionally abusive relationship so I'm not in a huge rush to get into another one but during that relationship my life changed quite a bit. I went from being a student athlete to being a competitive athlete vying for a spot on my country's National and Olympic teams (Winter). Needless to say my training takes up almost all of my time outside of work and sleep but in the same breath these are the greatest years of my life and I do want to find a real long term relationship that leads to something more significant.

So I suppose my question is, is where if at all possible is a good place for someone as busy as I am to find someone interested in a relationship, but also okay with my hectic schedule? So many of the regular spots are out of the question because I don't do the bar scene and I'm out of school so I'm at a loss and the idea of dating a teammate terrifies me because my abusive ex was on a cross-training team and it's left me quite jaded to that prospect (though admitedly that's probably unfair, but it's the reality at present).

Any siggestions would be absolutely wonderful and greatly appreciated! :) In the meantime I'll work at being the best version of myself I can be and work to fulfill my own goals academically and athletically.


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  • Why not date someone from the same sport you're into?

    I'm into Olympic lifting and my coach married his wife, who was also a Olympic lifter (they both were). It worked out well, and they share the same interests with sports.

    I'd say find someone in your gym. Maybe there is someone just like you, a guy who's set his time on training. And, he's having issues finding someone too.

    • Also to add... okay so one guy in the same training field hurt you... so what? That doesn't mean they are all like that... Just do your research next time and take your time.

      There has to be a guy in the same type of sport as you, that is looking for exactly the same thing as you. A meaningful relationship.

    • I definitely see your point for sure :) in my sport you definitely get a lot of inter-marriage both in the sport and in closely related ones. I guess I'm still at that jaded and scared point because h started out as Mr. Hyde and turned into Dr. Jekyll and was very alienating in the long run. I'm sure it'll pass eventually :p

    • Yeah, but how is that different than meeting a guy in a different way. And, him going all Hyde to Jekyll... Any guy can do that...

      You could also try online dating. That way you can filter through men to find one that is into fitness. That gives you more options to find a better fit for you.

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  • When you figure it out, message me. Cuz I'm on Team Lonely Achiever too.


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  • I dont know. But plesase tell me when youfind out

  • The gym, coffe shops, book stores and the local college


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