What should I do about her?

Short as possible, I really like her, care about her, would do anything for her. I asked her out, and to be my valentine, she said she was "#taken sorry :(". Her and this guy had a Valentine, but me and her texted throughout the day. She denied the guy when he asked her out, and she still flirts with me all the time, and jokes/teases. However, I still see her around this guy, and talking with him etc. She is drawing random things in class, then making stories with me. Then draws a random event, I asked her why, and she said I just felt like it. She says, did you think I was trying to tell you something? I said I don't know (I really had zero idea). I see her walk with this guy again, but she turns, smiles and waves at me. Then, we continue on our days. I don't know what to do, should I stop texting her and see if she comes to me (I always imitate convo, or at least mostly). Should I back off, since he's in the picture, any help?


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