I was trying to make a genuine attempt at talking to girl and she blocked me for no reason?

i have known her for a while , mostly at local pub and a couple other bars over the years , bit younger than me , she recently moved back home for a job placement , i had run into her this week actually when she was at work , i didn't expect to see her there and talked to her for a bit. felt that conversation went well and that she was genuinely interested in talking to me that day. i didn't really talk to her much online and only had her on my twitter. anyways today i liked one of her posts and then sent her a short tweet saying it was nice talking to her and hope she enjoys her new job , a few minutes later i noticed she had blocked me and didn't even bother to reply.
i don't get it , nothing seemed that sour when i talked to her in person , there were no recent posts indicating she was that upset at things and felt my message to her was genuine and nothing inapproaite and she could of just ignored it , why block me? it seems outrageous


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  • Some girls can be overdramatic and over protective. Maybe she thought you were going to start stalking her and message bombing her

    • I don't know but I've had her on there for a while and never really sent her much tweets , a lot of the time I didn't even see her posts as I follow so many people like just around 1000

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