Cross Roads, and I don't know what to do, ideas, help?

I have gotten two answers on this, and it usually, A: Keep Trying, or B: Forget her. I really want to see which one would be better in this situation, so here we go.

I really like her, care about her, would do anything for her. I asked her to be my Valentine, but she said she was taken. Her and this other guy were having it, I asked of they were dating and she said "maybe". We texted all throughout the day, joking back+forth and she ended up telling me she rejected the guy. Time passes, she seems flirty with me. I see her walk with this guy from classes, him talking with her on social media, etc. Yet, she still acts sorta flirty with me. I asked if they were dating, this time she said "No, I said no when he asked me" . Again, I seem them walking to classes and talking, and him posting on her social media, and her always responding, so I don't know what to think.

Today, me and her pretty much joked around together all class. She was drawing stuff, and making stories, we both laughed and had fun. She eventually drew a random event that wasn't actually happening but I was confused. I said was that even going on or something, and she said no, I was just drawing stuff. Did you think this was me trying to tell you something, she looked into my eyes and smiled (I melted). I was confused and caught off guard, and joked about it.

I just don't know what to do. I feel like the two of them are practically together, but she says they aren't dating. Any ideas? Any help?


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  • Maybe she is single but considering the guy. I mean why spend all that time around someone if they aren't your friend or your aren't into them a bit?


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