I am cold to my boyfriend-should I end it?

Everything was promising in the beginning... but gradually I started feeling I am no longer eager to see him or so. I started getting annoyed at things he does, like not washing his hands straight from coming from work- all the germs end up in my face. Then comes a thing that I tried to ignore: he is a broke guy who has a job. He pays for, dates mostly, but sometimes he is totally broke. I was trying to tell myself that it doesn't matter- but the thought of a boyfriend who cannot even buy you a flower is not fancy at my age. He is nice to me and treats me with respect. Should I stay or go? Is there a chance the passion I had for him is rekindled again?


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  • If it really bothers you and you feel completely cold towards him , I say you end the relationship because it's not fair to the other person to think that your happy and in love with them when your not. Trust me , for the other person it's worse.