Should I accept her?

I tried a while ago a relationship with a girl. I really liked her but she went with another guy. I new right from the start that the relationship with him would not last that much. But she chose the other guy. Now while she was with the other guy, she liked all my posts on facebook and make it clear that she had a thing for me.

Now she is single and is searching for a new boyfriend, maybe rather something to sooth the pain of breakup. But I don't feel like it. I am having a lot of fun with my life and I am enjoying it really much. I don't want her to drag me down. I don't really feel like I want a relationship with her. And I don't honestly see how can I mantain a long term relationship with her. I tried everything logic and rational that I know and there is no way for me to mantain a relationship with her. I am exactly as the guy she dumped and I feel sorry for him.

So what should I do? What's the decent and humane thing to do?


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  • I think you answered you're own question my man. Move on. She already gave you enough red flags. Avoid it. Not like you're trying to be mean but you're loving life keep doing that. The girl will find someone else and you will find someone better who actually wants you.


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