I think he likes me but now he is avoiding me?

So I have liked this guy since seventh grade. We are in twelfth grade now. We started to stare at each other in seventh grade and then at the end of seventh grade he tried to talk to me. But I got scared and ran away. In the beginning of eighth grade he acted like I didn’t exist. But one day I caught him staring at me. And deja vu all over again! Him and I would stare at each other. He tried to make my jealous with this girl. He would hug her and look directly at me. After that he then tried to talk to me the last day of graduation. He waited for me, however, I was to shy. High school began and like always he begins the year like acting as if he never knew me. But the minute I make eye contact, it starts with him staring at me and him. In ninth grade he tried to ask me to the winter formal. But once again I got scared and ran away. 10-11 same things would happen. Him staring at me, dressing in a similar matter as me. Then 12th grade and things have completely turned. Beginning of school he didn’t ignore me. He immediately started the staring and waiting after school for me and dressin in a similar fashion. Well today I got up the guts to hand him a note confessing my feelings. Before I even gave him the note, he looked up to me as I was speaking and turned bright red and this eyes dilated! Well, the next day while walking in the hallway where My crush and I always pass each other, My crush apparently saw me and bolted inside a classroom But usually he walks right by me. ( I didn't see him bolt. My friends did. But I looked down when I saw him So, then at lunch I saw him as I was walking down the ramp and I saw my crush sitting in his car. And he was looking straight ahead towards the ramp and then as My friend and I got closer, My crush immediately pulled out of the parking space and then looked directly at my friend

He looked directly at my friend and I. Then said something to me but I could not hear. Then the next day he did not make eye contact with me in math class. Then today he walks by me and puts his head down and then when he looks at me he quickly looks away. I feel like everything is in my head


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  • Are you going to sleep


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