Texting during a relationship break?

I'm having a break with my boyfriend of 1 year since he said he has doubts on being in a relationship. He was always happy with his single life and now he's with me and things are getting more serious. He said he's never been like this with a girl before and he's never liked a girl this much. Im okay with the break tho im a bit upset. The thing is he's the one that texts me during the break (Just casual conversation as we used to have). Im not sure if we should keep texting bcoz i want him to live his previous life completely without me, so that he can figure out what he really wants.
please let me know what i should do?


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  • Looks like he has commitment phobia. This ''taking a break' thing never works. He needs to get his priorities right. he either stays with you, or he doesn't. No middle path here.

    Put your foot down, and tell him that he can wither be with you, or be single. Can't be both. Text him that, when he texts you the next time.

    • Yes he's taking this break to figure it out, to decide whether he wanna be with me or be single. Im just not sure if we should text during this break. He just texts something like how are u or what u doing. But i feel weird to text back like there's nothing happened

    • Yeah, don't text him until he has figured out what he wants.

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