Is it okay that I like him?

I like this guy, but the guy is one my not so closest friends boyfriend. I talk to her every now and then but her boyfriend more. I started falling for him because he always makes me laugh and oddly enough made me calm? He doesn't really interact with her frequently because she doesn't put effort into the relationship as much as he does.

I am on a call with him on Skype right now and it's 12am. He insisted on just leaving the call on all night. Before this though he even said these exact words, "You know _____, I have an odd feeling you like me." I said hm? And it seemed like I didn't here him, he completely changed it to something else. I do like him, and well I guess he knows. I never felt like this before. But is it really okay for me to like him? Even if it is, I don't want to get myself hurt. Although he doesn't talk to his girlfriend as much as he does to me, he still loves her and she loves him.


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  • How you feel about him is out of your control. What you can control is how you act on those feelings. If you think that pursuing him will cause problems and choose to do so regardless, you have earned whatever consequences might come your way.


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