Being an Indian man is a REAL disadvantage on the dating field. Why do people hate to admit it?

Getting dates isn't a problem for me - I think it's because chics are bored when they're single. Suppose we go on an awesome date, the chick usually likes to stay behind for a kiss or cuddle or what not. Then she'd text like she's really into me. She then goes silent out of no where and comes up with all sorts of rubbish excuses to not meet up. Couple of days down the track, the real reason comes out - she's seeing another guy - who is white.
She'd then text me something like "i don't want to lie to you/ I don't want you to think I was messing you up" when she knows very well she was.
We know that the real reason is that she's not really into indians (and I don't mean FOBs.. i mean westerners who have indian genes).
Dating is ruled by females with white supremacist ideologies.
Please note, I won't take troll answers seriously e. g. "your attitude is the reason you're single" or "quit playing the victim card" etc.


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  • Small penis or the way they treat women.. Take your pick

    • Rather, it's the way they look and dark skin. An Indian who grew up in the west is no different to a white guy who is the same height.

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