Is it normal / okay to fall for someone that is completely opposite of who you envisioned you would fall for?

I'm 21... As if I know what my "perfect" man is, but I have always had a picture of some sort of ideal mate. And I knew there was a type I was NOT ever going to be interested in because I could not staaaand them. Totally stereotypical but whatever. Then I met this guy... And I've totally fallen for him... And lo and behold, he's the kind of guy I said I would never ever see myself with. I don't mean externally (visually he is right up my alley) but his personality and likes and how he presents himself/who he is inside... Is just so different than the guy I thought and tried to be with.

Like, I'm more of that introverted, artistic, stay home & read & chill, hang out with the cast-outs kind of chick... And he's like mr. Popular, athlete, extroverted and overly social with 50 friends... I have only one good friend lmao. For some reason I just really like being around him... Could it work?


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  • Opposites do attract and it's fun for awhile but they don't last in the long run


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