Is it bad if Revenge motivates me to get a good job?

In my studies, White girls motivate me, i mean when i see brown girls with white guys i get kinda hurt, when i see them even with black guys but the thing is even with other brown guys ! because nobody gave me a chance, because i am fat, many trated me with scorn only white girls were kind enough to talk to me, so i'm saying when i get a good job i want to get a hot white girl so i will make thesebrown girls jealous, idc if they r single or with any type of guys, i want them to feel what i did, so i will get a girl even if she only likes my money still better than nothing ! and the look on these girls faces will be worth it for me. But is this habit healthy? or not


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  • Any quality is good only if it benefits u

    • it's girls like u i'm no longer a fan of, why do u like other guys so much? also why do you act as if you are all that?

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    • im married

    • is your husband white?

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