Is it bad I kind I want my friend to break up with her boyfriend?

My frien and her boyfriend broke up earlier in the weak or took a 'break' or something but now they are back together and I like Kind of want them to break up. They've been going out for six months and I like them together as I'm friends with them both but there is always a lot of problems in their relationship and they always ask me to help like ALWAYS but then get like pissed at me when in all honesty I couldn't care less about it anymore. He gets angry at her when she says she can't meet up with him and only wants to meet up with her for sex. The thing is I know she'd be really sad If they broke up but I don't think she has much confidence without him and he's not controlling but I guess like more popular than her, and also if they break up I'm worried she will not intentionally but still break me and my beat friend apart because she can be quite manipulative she gets me to fix her issues whilst leaving me out of group situations, and knows it's really awkward for me because a couple of years ago her boyfriend and I had a thing so idkkkkkk ahhhhhh


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  • It's not bad. Obviously you sense the relationship isn't working and it isn't making either one happy. So you don't see the point in them continuing to try when they are both just making each other unhappy.

    It worries me that your friend feels she lacks confidence outside a relationship. There is nothing wrong with being single. Some time on her own might actually help her develop the confidence she needs outside of a relationship so that when she is in a bad relationship like this one she is in now, she can see that for herself. She will be more likely to seek out situations which enhance her life rather than complicate it.

    I would have a heart to heart with your friend. She comes to you for advice, then tears you apart when you give her your advice. You need to put your foot down there. Tell her that you don't mind helping but don't deserve to get torn apart from her because of it. You are just being honest.

    I think the problem is you are friend's with both of them and that is causing problems. They probably think you are being loyal to the other one when you are giving advice.

    I think you need to set up some boundaries if you don't want to be put in the middle anymore. Either stop giving advice, or let them know that you are giving the advice that they need to hear (whether they want to hear it or not).

    If you really think this girl is going to try and prevent you from being friends with him after they break up, then maybe she really isn't your friend to begin with?

    I had a friend like this once and I had to let her go because I wasn't going to put up with poor treatment because I choose to remain friends with her ex after they broke up. I was friends with him too before they got together and to me that wasn't fair. She was pretty superficial as a person so I wasn't too sad to see her go.

    I feel bad about what happened, but then I don't because I know that I made the right decision.

    Ultimately, you must do what you feel is best for you. They are going to do what they want. But you need to decide whether it's worth it or not to remain friends with them both. And be firm on how they treat you if things do go south.

  • Seems like you're always being pulled into their drama. On one hand, you want to be a good friend and listen. On the other hand, it's creating emotional stress for you. I had some friends do this to me and I got so disgusted with them. I'd tell them that this is all too much and to leave you out of it. They'll keep trying to mention it so you may have to literally walk away, hang up the phone, stop texting or remind them that you have removed yourself from the situation. Then try changing the subject. This is a hard one!

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