Girls, what is it about confidence in a guy that makes it so attractive?

So I've heard some girls that say that confidence outweighs looks. I've heard girls say there were guys that they never thought they'd hook up with but their confidence got them. Or that they didn't find them that physically attractive but the confidence made them really attractive. In fact I had a friend who had a girl tell him, "I didn't really find you that physically attractive but your confidence made me crazy for you." What exactly is it about confidence in a guy makes him so attractive? I would think that a guy who isn't that attractive would just come across as a creep when approaching girls even with confidence. Now please note, I AM NOT, I repeat, I am NOT talking about cockiness.


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  • For me it's a turn on when he knows what he wants and be able to lead the way

  • "Confidence outweighs looks".
    People claim confidence is an important thing to have and I won't disagree with that, but what they truly mean is that no one can actually stand desperate people.
    If you're attractive AND you keep acting in a desperate way, you still won't manage to get females with that kind of behavior.
    Typically speaking, people who are confident display leadership abilities, encourage positive thinking and they assert power and dominance. People envy and/or admire such qualities, that's why they are on top of the list.
    Interesting is the fact that men seem to be drawn to confidence as well.