I love my girlfriend... but I still love my ex QAQ What can I do if I'm dating someone but I still have feelings for my ex?


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  • Tell you girlfriend the truth. That way she knows the situation. Then she can make the call on what to do about it. Either she can stay around and hope you will lose feelings for your ex. That or she could leave and you stay single until you get over your ex.

    • Hmm.. I'll think about it ^.^ Thanks :)

    • I'm pretty sure if your girlfriend was in your situation. As in she still loved one of her ex's. I'm pretty sure you would want to know about it. Since not knowing and then finding out in a really unpleasant way. It wouldn't end well. Plus it's like your not giving all of your love to only your girlfriend and is sharing it with someone else. Which again isn't a fun feeling. So best to let your girlfriend know and let her decide how to go about it.

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  • Well I'd talk to you ex and if your ex feels the same do what your heart tells ya. If you don't love your girlfriend then leave and go to who you love. Be honest with your girlfriend. Your not doing her any favors keeping it to yourself because it's only get worse if you Marat with someone you don't love.

    • Thanks, but I wouldn't really say I have a lot of feelings for my ex, I just miss her :( But I'll think it over ^^

    • Well if you miss her don't you think there's still something there? If not then move on eventually you'll get over her.